vendredi 7 août 2015

Auntie skirt

So here in Reunion we have a word for middle-aged to elderly women who wear very demure/old-fashionned clothes: they are "matante" which translates to "auntie" in English. All my friends call me that because I often have knee length skirts, floral dresses and the like...
Well, in honour of my nickname I have made the ultimate matante skirt: it's full, under the knee and it has pastel flowers that belong on a grandmother's housecoat all over it!

The pattern comes from a French sewing magazine called Style fashion (the irony!), the waist is fitted by three pleats in the front and two in the back which closes with an invisible zipper:

There should be pockets in the side seams but I didn't put them because I've already made the skirt (with black linen BTW) and they are too high for my taste and show at the opening anyway. In fact I'll probably remove them soon even though they're Liberty :(
Also I shortened the hem on this one because my other skirt is a bit too long and makes me look short -I guess I'll have to change that too!
I really like this pattern and I'm thinking of sewing it out of amazing cat-printed green linen from Japan:

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