jeudi 20 novembre 2014

Another best summer dress

Well I said I would sew more and since this dress is so quick and easy to make, here's the second version:

I used 1 metre of cotton fabric from the same local shop as my Liberty knock-off one, I think the print is adorable with its stripes and flower bouquets! The pockets are light yellow poplin and I finished the neckline and sleeves with bias tape.
I also made the necklace using beads from an old one from my teenage years -I'm not a hoarder obviously^^- and adding a little chain from my stash:

 I stole this awesome scorpio pendant from my mum.

I hope you're not bored of this design already because I really have several more planned!

lundi 17 novembre 2014

The best summer dress!

I'm SO happy with this garment, I think it's my new favorite dress! I used my hacked Japanese top pattern and 1 metre of some Liberty knock off to make it. I didn't know what to do with this fabric and since it was cheap and there's plenty in our local shops I figured it wouldn't be a big loss if my dress test didn't work. Well the result looks super cute IMO and the fabric is so nice to wear, it's light and very soft, the perfect material for our hot summer!
Regarding the pattern this is really a cropped top with a gathered skirt, it retains a little shape thanks to the bust darts but apart from this you pull it over like a tee-shirt and that's it :) I added side pockets for once and I should do so all the time because I feel so cool walking around with my hands tucked in them -even though I got sweaty palms because they're like little saunas when it's 31° Celsius^^
I finished the neckline and sleeves with bias tape and made a simple folded hem for the skirt:

Now I want to make one in madras, another one with polka dots, another one with big pandas on an off-white background, another one with stripes... I need help!

mardi 11 novembre 2014

A change will do you good

Today's make fits in the "ugly duckling" category of this blog since never in a million years would I have thought I'd be attracted to a fabric which is black and white -boring!- AND graphic to the point that the print looks like a myriad of tiny soccer balls -ewwwww sports themed clothes:

And yet I LOVE my top, I know I'll wear it all the time, that it will look cool with a big flashy necklace and jeans or tucked in one of my 70's style skirts but I think that this is thanks to the pattern I chose for it. It's the G top from the Sweet Dress Book and it's basically a tee-shirt for woven fabrics so it will give a modern, effortless vibe to the cheesiest prints^^ I like the high neckline, narrow shoulders and perfect little sleeves, the only changes I made from the original pattern were to cut the back on the fold and shorten the length.

So it can be fun to try something a little different, I have so many kitty and flower printed tops that this one is a like a breath of fresh air in my wardrobe!

mercredi 15 octobre 2014

A summer outfit for my doll

I drafted Marie's sundress, well the bodice part because the skirt is a simple gathered rectangle of fabric. Speaking of fabric, this is a remnant of the flashy cotton I used for an Anna dress and that was eventually refashioned into a peplum top because it was really too much for me :)

I used ricrac for the straps, the bodice is lined and the dress closes at the back with two snaps, as usual. I also made her a simple linen bag, a bow for her hair and she's got the same brown bias tape sandals from the previous post:

I love this pattern and have made several variations from it already so Marie will have something to wear^^ about the shoes however I definitely need to make her a few more pairs!

vendredi 12 septembre 2014

OWOP day five

That's my last Y for OWOP, I made it a few weeks ago using fabric I found in Spotlight but since I only had 1.2 yards -at first I wanted to make a top with it- I had to squeeze the pattern in there and cut the front on the fold whereas the back bodice has two pieces^^. The dress looks okay but I really thought I wouldn't be able to finish it!

That print is adorable!

I enjoyed this first OWOP but if I do it again I'll choose a pattern with which I have also made tops because in the end I didn't feel like wearing only dresses, even though they don't look alike :) so next time I'll try to make this challenge more versatile!

lundi 8 septembre 2014

OWOP day three

Today's Y pattern hack is a maxi dress with side ties, it's made with bright tropical cotton purchased in a local shop:

I love this fabric so much I have it in black, red, yellow and white :)

So I realise that the print might be just a tad loud^^ but it's one of my favourite makes because of its 70's vibe! I added the side ties because I wanted the dress to look more fitted but since it's high-waisted it still has plenty of room which is something I really appreciate :)

dimanche 7 septembre 2014

OWOP day one

For this challenge I had to choose between the three patterns that I have made the most: first my self-drafted loose top or dress, then the NHK book 60's style dress and finally the Stylish Dress Book Y dress. I went for the Y design simply because I dug out my white linen version a few weeks ago and it made me think of all the cool garments I sewed from this excellent pattern :)
As a quick reminder the Y dress originally looks like this, it's a high-waisted dress with gathered skirt, wide sleeves and contrast outer facings. I believe this type of design looks better on tiny frames so I altered it to fit my body, I added bust darts, lengthened the upper bodice and shortened the sleeves and I reduced the skirt's width to get rid of the gathers, also I didn't include the contrast panels in most of my versions.
So for day one, which was a busy one for me since I have four different lessons to teach in four different corners of the island, I wore a short, Liberty fabric version that is super comfortable and still looks cute IMO:

I made the necklace too :)

I'm sorry that the last photo looks so lame but there is so much wind at the moment that it's impossible for garments to stay still, hence the pregnant look :( Today I'm not working and I went hiking so I couldn't wear anything Y-related but tomorrow I'll be back with another variation!