samedi 17 février 2018

Two makes

I've recently completed two projects I had planned for an upcoming trip, the first one is a sweater because I'm always cold in airports and planes and the other one is a tote bag because I like to have something new on holidays :)
The sweater is from an old Female magazine pattern, I was hesitating between a big V neckline and a cowl one and I ended adding a big loose collar from another pattern :

I also added the bands at the wrists and bottom hem from this pattern and I wonder why I didn't just use the whole pattern instead of adding changes to the other one! I used a leopard print knit I bought in Tokyo a few years ago, it's very soft and quite warm and even though it stretches I had to gather the wrists and bottom hem before attaching the bands because there was too much difference in the lenghts. This has resulted in a blousy design that I really like:

For the bag I copied a basic plastic Daiso bag that I've dragged everywhere, it's made of two 21cm squares with a 12cm wide band running along three sides:

The fabric is a remnant of brown linen, I embroidered a cat face with green eyes, a pink nose and black whiskers and brows. The handles are brown webbing and the inside is lined with Japanese cotton printed with extra cute kitties, mice and cherries:

I LOVE this bag, it makes me smile every time I see it and it's big enough to carry my stuff without being overwhelming IMO.

samedi 6 janvier 2018

Japanese kitties top

Well well what do we have here? A kimono sleeved tie top in a crazy cute animal print? How unexpected :)

Here's the latest version of top number 6 from my beloved 2017 sewing book, this time I didn't put breast pockets but I finished the sleeves with folded bands. I used white thread for the topstitching at the front and neon yellow bias tape for the neckline.
Now can we please talk about that print?? It's my absolute favorite out of all the fabrics I've bought in my life, the colours are so vibrant, there are beautiful golden flowers and those kitties!

Either the designer who created this can read my mind or they can see inside my house because look:

I've already talked about Dora, my black treasure of a cat but I haven't introduced my tortoise kitty/resident clown Miwa yet! We've had her since October 2016, they couldn't be any more different because she's super easy going, funny and always in a good mood whereas Do rules us all with an iron/velvet paw but I guess that's why they get on well :)

samedi 30 décembre 2017

My mum's Christmas dress

This is the dress that I made as a Christmas present for my mum this year:

I found the fabric in a local shop, I think it's amazing! Cute stylish toucans on a mustard background should be a staple in all wardrobes:

For the design I used a classic A-line dress with bust darts and added a little novelty with the sleeves from this top from my latest sewing book (the one I used to make my swans tie top):

Since I didn't have matching thread I hand stitched everything with off white thread so that it wouldn't show and I finished the neckline and armholes with black bias tape. My mum says she loves it and that it's nice to wear so mission accomplished for this time :)

samedi 23 décembre 2017

Kitty bag top

In an attempt to break from my usual top style  (ie super plain kimono sleeves and round neckline) I made a blouse/polo hybrid from a Japanese sewing magazine:

So first I'm totally aware that my fabric is very kitsch, the cat faces are actually bags, there are roses and the greyish background is very 90's grandma but I find it adorable! Regarding the pattern I didn't put the long sleeves and opted for simple folded bands instead. Also the original design had a square bottom which is a feature I can't stand so I went with a regular curved hem. And I didnt take a picture of it but I replaced the back gathers with a pleat to minimize the volume of the garment. It's a cool pattern IMO, I like it but I have a problem with how the collar stands so if I make it again I'm not sure I'll keep it.

jeudi 14 décembre 2017

Japanese R dress take 2

This is the second time I've made a dress using this pattern, it's a great design with the heart shaped detail on the bust, the slit at the back of the neckline and the general A line of the silhouette.

I slightly changed the original design because the skirt portions under the bust and at the back had gathers and I eliminated them for a slimmer look :) the fabrics are cotton from a local shop, plain white for the upper parts and red with white sprinkles for the rest. This light dress is perfect for summer which arrived super late this year but is now burning us all!

jeudi 7 décembre 2017

Swans top

I made a top from a new Japanese book, it's a simple design with short kimono sleeves but it ties at the front, which brings much needed novelty to my wardrobe :)

The fabric is from Spotlight, it's some polycotton veil, super light and nice to wear. I added mock pockets on the bust because the fabric is see through and I topstitched everything with white thread. I LOVE that print the swans are so graceful and cute! There are other great patterns in this book so I will probably be posting about other makes soon!

samedi 19 novembre 2016

Two Saturday outfits

I've just finished a super colourful top using a pattern from an old NHK crafts magazine and cute cotton from Singapore:

I think it's the first time I've taken pics of this particular pattern but I've made a ton of these, it's such a cool and comfortable design! I love the different lengths at the front and the back and the A-shaped bodice. Normally the sleeves are longer but it is summer now and the shorter the better :) Also there were huge breast pockets on the original version but I didn't put them here because the print is so busy it wouldn't have shown much. And I had to add a front seam because I didn't have enough fabric to cut on the fold:

 Nice topstitching if I may say so myself!

That's my typical summer outfit, a fun, loose top and shorts or a half circle skirt, which brings me to the second part of this post...
... Two Saturdays ago I was invited to a wedding so I made a pistachio green crepe cropped blouse to go with a navy linen Cascade skirt:

So yes, you can tell I'm really into that cropped, hi-lo silhouette aka I get into trends eons after everyone else^^ I'm quite happy with the wedding blouse because the fabric moved a lot and I was surprised I managed to make a neat enough collar as well as a decent button band. But I didn't push my luck and used bias tape for the armholes and hem because I think it's definitely the easiest way of getting an even finish!