dimanche 2 août 2015

Easy dress

I lengthened the bodice of my TNT babydoll pattern -the sleeveless version- a little for this pull over dress, the fabric is a navy linen and cotton mix and I made a coordinated sash to go from a relaxed style to a more fitted one:


Of course it has pockets and it's finished with bias from the same fabric, some green printed poplin from Spotlight.
And now for the best part IMO^^, I made a bag with super gorgeous camelia printed cotton from Japan to add some colour to the dress:

I should have taken a pic of the lining which is tiny black gingham, it goes really well with that big colourful print!

jeudi 23 juillet 2015

Tragic looking kitties sweatshirt

The title says it all:


I mean look at those faces:

Lol I can't tell if they're super cute or creepy but I love that print! It's fleece from Spotlight, verrry soft and quite light actually, it was a little pricey but I only needed 1 metre for this project and I really couldn't resist those kitties :)
I used an old Female magazine pattern for this sweatshirt, after having made it with knit fabric I knew I had to do a 1.5 cm forward shoulder seam arrangement and rise the neckline by 1.5 cm too. The sleeves were a bit long but I like them this way so left them.


Since I couldn't find ribbed knit for the hip and wrist bands I kept the same fabric to make them. As usual I sewed the garment with a narrow zigzag stitch and finished the seams with a wider one. I discovered I had a twin needle in my machine's supply box^^ so used it for the neckline, it looks so nice:

How could I ever live without a twin needle??!

vendredi 5 juin 2015

MMM15 days 12-31

Of course I'm late but here are the other outfits from this year's MMM! Also since we had many bank holidays this year some outfits I could wear twice because I didn't work much  and sometimes I just stayed at home so nothing to show on these occasions :)

On the 12th I wore a rayon self drafted top with Petit Main Sauvage culottes:

On the 13th for my birthday I wore a top from an altered Japanese pattern and a skirt from a vintage pattern, both in cotton:

On the 14th and 15th it's a knit crop top from a Female pattern and self drafted box pleat skirt cut from a Burda dress:

On the 16th and 17th I wore my TNT babydoll dress in striped cotton:

On the 18th I wore a Liberty top from a Burda pattern with PMS culottes:

On the 19th I wore a knit top copied from an RTW tee with a cotton skirt from a vintage pattern:

On the 20th I went with a plaid Anna dress with pleated skirt and my refashioned denim jacket:

On the 21st and 22nd such a comfortable outfit with a cotton jacket from an altered Pochee pattern, a Burda knit top and cropped trousers from a Japanese pattern:

On the 23rd I wore a self drafted top in gauze with PANDAS on it and a Burda skirt:

On the 26th I wore a plaid shirt from a Female pattern and a Burda skirt:

On the 27th I wore a self drafted dress and my refashioned jacket:

On the 29th here's another version of the Female shirt, this time in blue piqué with a skirt from a vintage pattern:

Finally on the 30th I wore a crepe top from a Japanese pattern with a skirt from the same vintage pattern as before, phew:

To sum-up I was able to wear at least two me-made items everyday, even though I didn't provide pics each time my bags were all me-made too and this year I'm clearly into top and skirt combos! I love sewing and wearing things I've made, and I'm especially happy that I don't have to buy standard garments that are made with cheap, synthetic fabric and that are often too short.
Again a thousand thanks to the great Zoe for creating Me Made May and allowing us to show our creativity and hard work :)

mercredi 13 mai 2015

Birthday outfit

This year I made a matching crop top and skirt in some beautiful, colourful cotton fabric from Stof!

The pattern for the top is altered from the bodice of my tnt babydoll dress and it closes at the back with wooden buttons:

The gored skirt is a vintage Style pattern that I have already made many times:

I love this fabric so much, I got super inspired when I saw it! At first I wanted to make a sleeveless maxi dress with it but then I knew I wouldn't wear it often, whereas a top and a skirt are more versatile, I can match them with other garments. I'm so happy with the result I can see other ensembles like this one in my future :)

mardi 12 mai 2015

MMM15 days 04-11

A quick recap of my me-made outfits, so far I have succeeded in wearing two and actually more handmade things!
Last Monday I wore a self-drafted dress with elasticized waist in Japanese cotton, a me-made red plastic necklace and I changed my crocodile bag to a beige linen one:

On Tuesday I had a Pilates lesson so I wore me-made cropped leggings from a Pochée pattern and a refashioned Uniqlo tee-shirt:

On Wednesday I wore a favourite outfit of mine, I'm sorry it doesn't look so good in the photo though! It's a knit crop top from a Female pattern with a midi skirt with box pleats from a Burda magazine pattern in vintage linen:

On Thursday I didn't have much inspiration so turned to a comfortable, easy outfit with green twill shorts from a Fait Main pattern and striped knit top from a Burda mag pattern:

On Friday I chose a combination I LOVE, a top refashioned from a Uniqlo tee-shirt with a denim skirt from a vintage Style pattern and buttercup bag in red twill from Ikea:

On Saturday I wore another version of the dress from the 04th, this time in big cotton plaid with a me-made necklace:

Finally I wore the same outfit on Sunday and Monday with an orange linen dress and a refashioned denim jacket:

dimanche 3 mai 2015

Me Made May 2015

As I said when I wrote my pledge on Zoe's blog, last year I couldn't document my MMM because I was working two jobs - for a few months I was a vet's assistant in addition to giving my usual lessons after office hours and at the weekend. It was a wonderful experience, I LOVE animals so I'd literally fly to work because I knew I'd be with them and the vet and I would do our best to help them!
Unfortunately the doctor is quite old and he has almost retired since the beginning of the year except for emergencies so for now I'm back to teaching only, sigh :(
Anyway, this year I swore I'd wear at least two me-made things everyday, garments and accessories, which shouldn't be too difficult because now my wardrobe is almost completely handmade except for bras and jeans!
So let's start with day 01:

Me-made knit top and cotton skirt from Burda mag patterns, self-drafted handbag and the super cute star earrings were made by my friend Vanessa!

 Day 02:

Self-drafted poplin top, denim shorts from a Japanese pattern, earrings and bracelet made by me :)

Day 03:

Me-made knit tee-shirt copied from an RTW top and cotton shorts from a Japanese pattern.

lundi 27 avril 2015

Swans and zebras

Brace yourselves for an umpteenth version of my favourite babydoll style pattern, this time it's a top with short sleeves made with excellent -and I don't use that word lightly^^- swan printed cotton:

I found it in a local shop, the name on the fabric is Stof and when I looked it up I discovered that it is a 100% French brand! They design prints and make fabrics in their own factory in Loire and yet their prices are very reasonable and the quality is great -you can have more details on their website here .

Naturally I LOVE that print because it features swans that are both adorable and graceful, which cannot be said of all animals:

Dora got crazy when she found that heap of old roots and branches and proceeded to rub herself in it for half an hour^^

I also have another animal printed creation I want to show, it's a low waisted dress I made for my mum using cotton from another local shop but this time it is the Japanese brand Lecien:

It was super simple to make, I took a sleeveless top pattern and added two gathered rectangles for the skirt :)