mardi 12 août 2014

A complete outfit for Marie

I haven't posted about my doll for a while but it doesn't mean she was sitting around wearing a barrel all this time^^ Actually the outfit she's wearing today inspired me to make a little something similar for me and I wanted to finish it so that I could show you both Marie's stuff and mine.
So here she is:

She's wearing a milliardaire muumuu -it's Cacharel fabric!- with trim at the neckline, the two straps close at the back with snaps:

I also crocheted a cardigan with some light green cotton yarn leftover:

And she has super simple sandals made with two straps of brown bias tape and a crocheted cotton bag with the same bias for the handles:

And it's that bag that got me inspired, I used the same yarn in a slightly different colour to make one for me, except that mine has a lining and the straps are twill tape:

mercredi 30 juillet 2014

Almost Anna dress!

I had been dreaming of an Anna for months so when the amazing BHL girls released the pdf pattern I was ecstatic! I LOVE the maxi length versions of course but I must admit that I haven't printed the long skirt part yet, indeed my favourite part of this pattern is the bodice which ticks all my boxes: demure bateau neckline, kimono sleeves, fitted waist and full bust :) I was seriously obsessed with it and all the excellent variations I had seen on the blogs so I decided to add my own skirt to it and I got this:

I'm SO happy with this dress and I have so many things to tell you about it^^ Let's talk about the fit first, I cut a size 8US/12UK, moved the shoulder seams 1cm to the front, added 0.5cm to the front sides and removed 1.5cm from the back sides and took off a 2cm horizontal chunk at the back even though I should have removed a bit more because the bodice still wrinkles a little and is sliiightly lower at the waist than the front:

The skirt is a 70's New Look pattern which I have made a dozen times, it's so simple yet pretty and it doesn't need as much fabric as a gored skirt.

As for the fabric it's a complete mystery, I know I bought it here in Reunion but where exactly I can't remember! I had forgotten about it until I spotted it at the bottom of one of my fabric cupboard shelves, I think it may be upholstery because it's a little heavy and the wrong side is whitish but the print and colours are gorgeous IMO:

I finished everything, hem included, with black bias tape and I handsewed a regular zipper at the back.
This is actually my second Anna, I made one with a gathered skirt that I have yet to take pics of, but it's not as wearable as this one because it looks like an out of control cupcake so I'll probably refashion the skirt part and show it to you afterwards!

mardi 22 juillet 2014

My first Cami dress...

... and certainly not the last, OMG what an excellent pattern! I bought the pdf version on Pauline Alice's site for the super cheap price of 8€ and there were only 14 pages to print and tape together since the skirt is a basic dirndl that you draw yourself.
Being used to trace Japanese and Burda patterns I forgot that 1.5 cm seam allowances were included so I made a first muslin for size 36 that was much too tight. I made a second one for size 38, this time it worked really well except I removed a horizontal chunk of 1.5 cm at the back because of my swayback problem, but it's an alteration I have to do systematically anyway -I'm working on an Anna dress right now and I had to remove 2 cm this time!
I chose the short sleeves version because I didn't have enough fabric but I so want to do the 3/4 length sleeves, especially after seeing these ladies' amazing creations :) I used adorable nautical themed cotton I found in Singapore, you can't really tell from a distance but there are actually colorful little boats all over it:

Since I was very short on fabric I used navy cotton for the front facings, inner collar stand and undercollar:

I found five orange buttons in my stash and didn't mess the buttonholes too much:

Finally I didn't want to add the side zipper because mine always look wonky so I cut two panels for the front skirt and sewed them so that I'd have a placket and closed it with two snaps:

I think this dress is going to be a staple in my wardrobe, it's so easy to make and flattering, I can't wait to make other ones for me of course^^ but I also already have requests from my mum and bff who want theirs!

dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Manekineko dress

I made this dress a few months ago and had totally forgotten about taking pics of it, which is a shame since I've worn it a lot! I used my NHK book pattern and excellent Japanese cotton from Nippori with the nicest shade of beige, lucky charm cats and other Japanese symbols and seals ever :)

I love this pattern so much, it's simply magic: it takes 1.5 yard of fabric and 1.5 hour max to make and it's so comfortable, cute and 60's looking! Also for this one I had bias tape, seam binding and ricrac remnants that matched the fabric perfectly so notion stash busting checked:

vendredi 18 juillet 2014

Asagao top

I found this gorgeous Morning glories fabric in Japan and paired it with the G design from the Sweet Dress Book and I got this awesome top:

The neckline and sleeves are finished with self-made bias tape and I added a tiny pocket with a pink glass button on the front, not that it really shows but it seemed like a good idea then^^:

The back has a straight center seam that ends in a slit and closes with a button and a loop, it's a cute detail but if you want to simplify things you can just cut this piece on the fold, you'll still be able to get in and out of the top!

And yes, I believe that when getting dressed you should be able to ask yourself "Does my outfit match my window?":

jeudi 19 juin 2014

The feel good top

Since I'm still lacking time for ambitious sewing projects these days, I'm sticking to TNT patterns and the quickest, most satisfying one for me is still my loose, kimono-sleeved top so yes, I've made another one! BUT this time it's a tunic length so that's totally new -I admit I had one like this but I gave it away so not only am I generous but that also resulted in an intolerable gap in my wardrobe.
Plus the (Ikea) fabric I chose has a multitude of adorable animals/flowers/fruits scattered on it and I wanted to keep as many as I could, hence the longer length :)

That clothes hanger pic is horrible but I wanted to make it very clear that there's a dark green frog on the front, at the bottom and a light green one on the back, at the top^^ I had bias remnants in my stash that matched the colours of the garment so I finished the necline in black, the sleeves in white and the hem in green. It's so comfortable and cheerful, I spent a great day wearing it -and it almost didn't wrinkle!

jeudi 29 mai 2014

A wintery outfit for Marie

I've just realised that her dress looks like a tiny Cambie, how cute! I drafted a simple bustier bodice with a heart shaped neckline, the skirt is gathered with some leftover broderie anglaise at the hem and the tiny sleeves are made out of white ribbon. Her jacket is a bunch of knitted rectangles sewn together and she's wearing the same black ribbon shoes from a previous outfit.

I need to discover how to make tights for her because some white ones would have looked adorable with these garments!