lundi 2 mai 2011

The self drafted dress of semi quibbling

I'm on a roll! A tiny 2-day roll but still^^! I took pictures today but I made the dress I'm about to show you last February, I wanted to wear it for Me-Made-March and didn't in the end because I wasn't satisfied with it. I'm still not but it has grown on me despite its obvious and numerous flaws! First, the thing:

The pros: the fabric is adorable baby gingham -I have a thing for pastel colours with tiny patterns; it's self-drafted so I was able to really work on a shape and details that I like: ruched upper bodice, high and square back neckline, soft pleats for the skirt; it's fully lined with 100% cotton veil which means I can wear it even in summer and finally from the front it makes me look like I have big boobs on an otherwise small body which is perfectly ok with me :)


The cons: it's hard to believe these pics were taken AFTER ironing, could these fabrics wrinkle any more? The band under the bust needs shaping because from the side it pulls away from the body, I'm thinking a vertical dart in the middle could solve this; it's too tight in the bust and back areas -I should have left a little ease I guess- and therefore the zipper shows, I HATE that!

I'm not amused by that zipper of doom!

All in all it's less catastrophic than I first thought, I didn't want to wear it because of the aforementioned problems but especially because I thought it looked silly on me but I realise it's an ok dress so I'll give it a chance and more ironing obviously.
Also, I'm so excited that Zoe has organised the Me-Made-June challenge, I can't wait for it to start! See you soon people!

6 commentaires:

  1. I think the dress looks great on you! Love the fabric & your design!

  2. It looks like a great summer dress! :)
    Ashley x

  3. In Spain there is a designer, Adolfo Dominguez, who made ​​fashionable the slogan: "The wrinkle is beautiful"
    Do not worry so much and enjoy the dress, it is beautiful to me.

  4. Sorry to hear you aren't totally happy with this dress. It looks lovely to me, I espeically love that square neckline at the back, really interesting detail. So pleased you are on board for the next Me-Made challenge! I'm always in awe of your creations xxx

  5. Thanks to you two, Zoe I can't wait for Me-Made-June to start! :)