dimanche 26 février 2012

The Hem-isphere challenge: part one!

Hello everyone, I hope you had a nice weekend, I got a bit busy and so I couldn't post at the same time as Zoe the Grand did about the outcome of our first Hem-isphere project!
Here's a pic of the awesome nautical themed vintage top she made from my modest offerings^^:

For this miscellaneous swap Zoe had sent me two dress patterns from the 60's and 70's and yards of blue checkered fabric -and a cute little badge^^:

I had chosen the mini smock dress and had made a muslin and it did look great but when I laid the pieces on the final fabric I realised that I would wear my garment much more if it was a simpler top. Enters the second Stylish Dress Book and its "U" tunic that I was dying to try and here's my absolute favourite top of the moment:

I didn't put the sleeves and the gathers at the hem and I like it as it is! As always with Japanese patterns it was very straightforward, a front and a back piece and a collar on the bias and that was it.
I'm really grateful for this challenge, the first episode was so much fun, I can't wait for the next one! And PS I made the denim shorts too and I'm wearing them all the damn time :) See you soon with more creations!

5 commentaires:

  1. I love the top, the bias neckline is very cool! As are the little kimono sleeves- I love how you both ended up with little blue blouses with grown-on sleeves and collar interest! :)

  2. The outfit looks comfy. I like the rolled collar, it's cute :)

  3. I love what you've made, it's so comfortable looking, but chic at the same time! Lovely!

  4. Thanks girls! Hillary I had the exact same thought when I saw Zoe's blouse^^

  5. Aww, I LOVE your top!!!! As you say, such a wearable, pretty and simple style lets the fabric shine! It's so cool how the bias cut of the collar makes the check change direction. You are a visionary! Really looking forward to round two, I'm busy collecting the contents. Will email you soon

    Zoe xxx