lundi 2 avril 2012

Birdy dress

Humpf, I'm a bit upset sewing speaking. See, today I got to wear the latest version of my Burda bodice dress and it was supposed to be great: this time I drew a heart shaped yoke at the front, I cut the back panels so that I could use contrasting fabrics and I added sleeves from a vintage pattern, as for the skirt I made big inverted pleats instead of gathers. I used super cool blue batik and black cotton, of course I washed my fabrics first and everything was going well, the fit was fine, I could actually breathe in my dress, until I washed the finished object. It shrinked! I lost all the ease from the bodice and though I can still wear it it's really small and you can see the zipper at the back because the fabric is pulling like crazy -whyyyyyyyy!!!
I've had a look at the seams and I may manage to win back 1 or 2cm if I unpick the sides, but I can't do anything about the zipper seams because they're already very small since I didn't have much fabric to make the dress. I wonder if I can unpick part of the back darts or if it will spoil the garment. Meanwhile, here's the baby:

Birds in and out of cages!

The Horror

I so hope I can save my dress, I love it! Have a nice week, see you!

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  1. Hi Cecili!
    I LOVED your dress. And it's such a pity that you can't wear it easily any longer.
    I have 1 question and 2 comments for you:
    Q: what was the pattern name and date of the Burda mag you used for this dress?
    C1: if you can't wear it like this, and if you think it'll worth the effort, why don't you open the side seams, add 2 cm of black fabric on both sides so that it would look like a cool fabric pattern?! ;)
    C2: if you don't think that it'll worth the effort, why don't you sell it on etsy or any similar network, I'm sure there'll be dozens of people who'd love to have this dress.. :)

    Visit my blog for similar projects and sewing disaster stories :)

    1. Hello Irem, thanks for your helpful comments! The bodice pattern is from the French Burda mag from March 2011. I'm off to see your blog :)

  2. It's so beautiful Cecili, so I can totally understand why you're so upset! I really hope you manage to save it, it looks lovely on you!

  3. Good luck - this is such a pretty dress, I love all the details you put into it!

  4. It looks so pretty! What a shame it shrunk. Maybe you could take out the zip and add a black panel in the back?

  5. Thanks girls, I'll definitely tackle this fitting problem some time this week!

  6. That's too bad, I bet you could save it. The fabric is definitely worth trying.

  7. It's a shame you just save such a lovely dress. I really hope you can manage to fix it because you love it.

  8. Hello,no lucky with your dress,even it looks great.Perhaps you can sew black fabric on the side of the zip:i saw that on a model.

    It's really nice.

    See you soon on "folie de mode"

  9. That fabric is soooooooo cool!! Yes, you'll find a way to save it, I know you will, you have ingenuity!! :)

  10. Oh my goodness!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! That is SUCH an incredible dress! If I saw you wearing it on the street, I'd probably stalk you for a while and try and get a photo of it to recreate it. I definately think it's worth trying to salvage an extra cm here or there whether you can. It really can make a difference to the comfort.

    Good luck lovely lady!

    Oh, and I'm SOOOO pleased you have signed up to MMMay'12!!!

    Zoe xxx

  11. Phew, that's done, I've shortened the back darts and I've saved 1 extra cm with each side seam and the dress now closes^^