mardi 30 octobre 2012


We had a Halloween party at work yesterday and we were all supposed to dress in orange and black or green and black so I made this:

OMG I NEVER wear this colour and I know why, it's so flashy my camera didn''t work and all the pics were blurred -which was very fitted since it made me look like a ghost! Even though I don't like the colour I must say that the design is pretty cool, it's a shortened version of the T dress from the first Stylish Dress Book but with the Y neckline and yes, this all makes sense^^. I also lengthened the upper bodice, mixed sizes 9 and 11 and added side ties for a nicer fit. I also made a bracelet for the occasion using a felt sticker and a plastic loop cabochon:

The party was great, we ate pumpkin cakes, donuts, pies etc and drank excellent Halloween punch but we also worked since all the students had to pick a short scary story in English and say it to the others. Here's the scariest story according to everyone's vote, I found it in the third volume of Alvin Schwartz's tales and adapted it to make it easier for my French students (the words in bold were given in French on a side vocabulary sheet):

"A little girl was coming home at night and she was late so she took a shortcut through the cemetery. She felt very nervous and when she saw another little girl walking through the graves she felt better and ran to her. She told the girl: “Can I walk with you? Walking through the cemetery at night scares me.” “Of course”, the other girl replied, “I used to be scared too when I was alive.”

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I love that on you! Orange is one of my favourite colours but I don't think I actually own any orange clothing.

    1. Thanks! I like the tunic so much I'm thinking about dying it because that is definitely too much orange for me^^