dimanche 24 février 2013

Love and hate trousers!

So I admit they're shabby with their cheap stretchy fabric, grossly hand-tacked front pleats and ghetto loops (bias tape quickly handsewed randomly around the waist) but I've already worn them a dozen times because they're just so comfy and well they're my first handmade TROUSERS!


 On a positive note I lined the pockets and hemmed the legs with nice striped fabric.

I used a pattern from this Japanese book but I atrociously tampered with it, "redrafting" -I'm using the term really loosely here- the pieces as I tried the damn thing on. I had to take them in a lot, straighten and shorten the legs and I didn't put the side zipper and opted for an elasticated waist seeing how I could never get something more fitted with my fabric. And then I had to add the loops because the trousers would slide down without a belt :(
But the battle for trousers isn't finished, I've unearthed a super old Pochée magazine with some cool cropped trousers that I shall try next and then there will be some Burda mag skinny trousers that I NEED to make with some cool Hello Kitty fabric:

Both fabrics found at beautifulwork

2 commentaires:

  1. First handmade trousers will always have a special place :) Love the pocket detail!

  2. They look wonderful and totally wearable, I'm not surprised you've already given them heaps of wear. xxx