mercredi 19 juin 2013

Sewing for me

I had been SO neglecting myself, it was high time I sewed a little something for me^^
I still don't have a pic of my cousin's jacket but I have some of one I've just made for me using the same pattern, design F from the third Stylish Dress Book:

I made size 11 and didn't change a thing to the pattern but I must say that with my bigger arms I should have altered the sleeves for a little more ease. Construction is really simple on this one, you attach the front and back, set in the sleeves, attach the facings and finish the hems and that's it! Also there should be breast pockets but I'm not a fan of these so I didn't put them. I used some green blended linen from my stash, it's light but surprisingly warm, perfect for the ongoing winter.

 You can see my extremely kitsch hem lace, I know it is ugly but I really wanted to bust that notion stash :(

I couldn't think of a suited trim for the jacket so I handsewed sequins along the front and neckline and around the sleeves' hem, I love decorating or finishing garments by hand because it takes a little time and care and I find that very relaxing!

I made the striped top underneath a few months ago using my self-drafted baby doll pattern and medium weight cotton from a local shop, I love that fabric and I'm glad that I still have some left because I want to make cropped trousers and a bag from it -I won't be wearing them all at the same time, I swear^^:

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