vendredi 10 janvier 2014

Cascade skirt and vintage top

Living on a tiny rock in the middle of the sea means you can never be sure if and when your orders from outside may arrive so thank you technology for printable patterns! Today's garments were made using different era and style pdf patterns but I'm equally happy with both :)

 Also can you guess which photo was taken the day after my Kirin and sake fueled night?

Let's start with Megan Nielsen's Cascade skirt which had been in my mind for a loooong time -as well as the Tania culottes but this is for another post. I love everything about this skirt, the awesome train-like back, the flouncy, glamourous front panels and of course the fact that it's super easy to sew: tracing, cutting and sewing took less than one hour and as for hemming I folded the fabric to the inside and used a zigzag seam all along because I'm lazy like that. Naturally I had to fiddle with the waistband and make my own which didn't change much in the end except that I made the second buttonhole on the wrong side and had to cheat with a sewn-on button to keep the symmetry. 

Now I chose to make the skirt with some amazing vintage cotton fabric I found in my usual local treasure shop, the colours and print are beyond gorgeous and it gives a very 70's vibe to the skirt IMO, however given the layout of the pieces I ended with vertical waves and people in boats in the back, I can't decide if it looks horribly bizarre or if it's okay.

As for the top it's a halterneck pattern from the fifties which I purchased here, since my test garment was a bit large I altered it but it ended a bit tight, especially in the decolleté area. Well I'm fine with modest necklines so I'll wear it anyway!

The bodice is cut on the bias, there's a peplum in the front and the back is made in one piece with darts. I moved the zipper from the side to the back because I think it looks neater there. And yes I have already paired the top with the skirt and they worked really well together but sadly I haz no pic :(

4 commentaires:

  1. That is gorgeous fabric - and I think it's cute too have the waves and boats going sideways or upside down. Big waves maybe? Both makes look really lovely and summery on you - I can imagine they'd look great together.

    1. Thanks Gabrielle, that upside down print is growing on me :)

  2. Cute as always. I really like that halter top and the fabric is perfect.