lundi 4 octobre 2010

My boyfriend's jacket

Hello! YEAAAAH I DID IT^^ I managed to finish the lined wool perfecto jacket for my boyfriend before his leaving tomorrow. He's going to spend the next 9 months in France so I wanted to make something warm for him, hence the wool and lining :) It was my first time lining a jacket -and drafting said lining since there wasn't any in the original pattern- of course I forgot a small piece at the shoulders and I had to add 2 patches but it really doesn't show much, I'm so happy! Well, that's relative since I'm awfully sad that my baby is going away, I think I also made the jacket to have something pleasant to think of as his departure was coming nearer. Anyway, here are the pics:

Unzipped front, the red lining is peeking :)

Zipped, and a white piece of thread somehow landed on it, tsssk

The back and the open wrists with the lining showing again.

In the meantime I made a little something for me, Rae's free buttercup bag, the upholstery fabric is Ikea and the lining is white gabardine, I love it! It was easy to make and I can already picture some nice variations for it!

See you and thanks again to all of you who read this blog and/or comment :)

7 commentaires:

  1. Wow! Nice coat! That looks really warm and wind-breaker-ish. And your purse is cute too =) sorry that your boyfriend is going away, long distance relationships are really hard.

  2. Great jacket - it looks really good - you must be chuffed. (sad that he's going away though : (
    I made a buttercup bag a month or two ago - i use it all the time - it's the perfect size for my purse, keys, phone, lip gloss etc! I love itl Yours looks really good.

  3. Thank you for your nice comments, I hope the jacket keeps him warm and forces him to think of me^^! Phill I checked on your owls bag, so cute!

  4. It looks great. I love the unique and interesting design.

  5. Cecili!! You made it! I really like how it looks on him. So cool.
    I had never made a jacket, but you really motivated me. Gotta give it a try.
    He must be so happy to wear it everyday and think about you..
    Hope the 9 months will pass like a blink;)

  6. Thanks ladies, Ophelia I hope the 9 months will fly by too :) Chouchou lyd too!