dimanche 26 décembre 2010

Another BWOF experimentation

Hello there and belated merry Christmas! I'm going to start this post with some totally inappropriate whinning about the fact that last year I spent Christmas in Singapore -which has to be my favouritest place ever right after Japan- while this year NOT! I miss travelling :(
Okay, now for today's garment, I've tried a wrapover top from the November issue of BWOF. I'm sewing compulsively these days so I think I'm probably going to end up making any Burda projects that catch my attention^^. For this top I used some cotton slightly blended with polyester, I love this sage green colour -the French name is "tilleul" which sounds quite poetic- alas this fabric is difficult to iron as you'll see from the pictures. I made my usual 12 size and changed a few details: I didn't add the ties at the hips but decided to close the top with a hidden button and a snap and I simply finished the sleeves with some bias instead of the required cuffs. I also made a mistake when I cut the front pieces so I had to add an extra seam but it looks okay! I felt like wearing the top for my New Year's Eve party but it's definitely too hot for these long sleeves so I'll keep it for the cooler months.

Of course I had to make a matching bow hair-tie!

See you soon with more tops!

4 commentaires:

  1. What a pretty, banded wrap blouse! Looks fantastic!

  2. Cecili! Your work is stunning! I like the details of the top. Also I love the french word,"tilleul". In Japanese, I think it's called Wakabairo means young leaf color.
    Your color pick is always awesome:)

    Have a happy holidays!!

  3. Beautiful! that color in Spain is called "green water", also sounds poetic. You also are being very productive! I love when you enter this "fever ".....

  4. Thank you! I see some colours definitely sound nice whatever the language :) Happy new year!