mercredi 8 décembre 2010

Christmas dress and an update

Hello friends! How are you? I can't believe that I haven't posted anything since 8th November! I have been super busy with my work and, good news, I've had my first orders as a seamstress, I'm so glad! I've made tops for a woman and dresses for her little girl and they've been pleased so far so I'm crossing fingers for it to continue, sewing doesn't even feel like working :) Actually I'm planning a little giveaway to celebrate this, I'll post the details in a few days. Also, I've managed to cram crafting and sewing moments for Christmas gifts, I'll post about that on CCC later. For now I'd like to show you the dress I made for the Christmas party, it's Simplicity 7541, a pattern from 1968:

I made view 3 in teal blue cotton, I lengthened the bodice and redrafted the back -I've learned my lessons from the infamous Butterick dress- and after that it was so easy to make! I loooove the collar, I bought the pattern just for this detail :)

As for Santa, he paid an early visit since I've received my order from Bead Supplies, which allowed me to make these 2 lovely pairs of earrings, I had been dreaming of these little daisies ever since I had seen them^^:

I've also made myself a chouchou and bow hairband with a small piece of fabric my mum chose for me, it's quilting cotton printed with carnations:

That's it for today, I'll try and post on CCC and more here and fortunately not updating my blog didn't stop me from enjoying your beautiful creations, I LOVE looking at you fellow sewists/crafters' blogs so don't be like me and keep posting!

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  1. Hey Cecili! I can't believe I could wait for your post so long! Welcome back!! It's so nice to see your project again. That's part of my life you know;)
    The blue dress looks fabulous on you, and you are absolutely right about the collar! It's super lovely!
    Keep sewing and share with us!

  2. Lovely dress! I agree, the collar is great.

  3. What a cute dress! I'm in love with the 60s lately, but don't have time to sew anything which is so frustrating.

  4. Thank you girls, I'm glad you like the dress! Lisette I'm into the 60's these days too, I especially love the designs from 1968 and 1969, they are so feminine and glamorous!
    Ophelia thank you so much for your kind words, looking at your wonderful creations is one of my favourite parts of the day too :)

  5. Lovely dress and the daisy earrings you made are so cute.

  6. Very pretty dress. Love the colour and the collar is super cute! How come you look like it's still summer where you are? I thought France was knee deep in snow pretty much all over!

  7. Thanks to you two! Nathalie I actually live in a French overseas department which is a tropical island in the Indian ocean :)