mardi 9 août 2011

Kitty fabric Burda top

Hello there! Today's garment is my second version of this Burda top, I just narrowed the shoulders by 1.5 cm because they seemed a bit boxy and reduced the length and width of the original ties because I didn't have enough fabric. Talking about the fabric, if I tell you that it's Japanese, cotton and that it has tiny kitties on it can you guess how much I love it or what^^? Look:

Cuuuuute!!!! Now for the top (I've given up taking pics myself so this one is courtesy of my mum):

So maybe my only complaint would be that the fabric is a bit stiff for this design; since it has no darts and therefore no definition whatsoever the crepe I used the first time is probably better suited. I do love my top though and I even had compliments from two little ladies about it, it had never happened with my other garments so imagine how glad I was!
Also one last thing I want to show you, the biggest tomato I've ever found in my garden:

It weighed about 150 gr and it was yummy! That's it, see you soon!

6 commentaires:

  1. I love your blouse, the fabric is so cute! And your tomato is super impressive ;o)

  2. That is a cute top. Love the bow at the neckline. Meowwww!

  3. Love the top (and want the tomato)! The fabric is cute, and the tie is lovely.

  4. Wow, super cute fabric! And that is a big, yummy looking tomato!

  5. Awesome!! The tomato ... Your blouse is totally adorable when you put a bow in any article, it passes automatically to the category of "adorable."