mercredi 31 août 2011

Two-colour dresses

Hey there, how are you? I've been experimenting with dresses recently, I'm trying to figure out a design that would allow me to wear them more often without feeling too dressed up. Indeed I've realised that I feel awkward wearing the same print or colour from head to toe, and so I had a revelation^^: how about using TWO different fabrics? I gave it a try using the bodice part of a Burda mag pattern (March 2011) and a simple gathered skirt with a sewn-on belt and remnants from my stash. I'm pretty satisfied with the result, the fit is great even though the armholes are a bit tight and the dress is actually cute:

I love the V shape at the back!

The green fabric is a remnant from another dress project which turned out perfect, I have yet to take pics of it but it's really cool, a simple gathered sundress with an early 80's feel, I hope I can show it to you soon! Back to the 2-tone dress, I got carried away and thought I had found the best project for some striped silk I had been hoarding for a looooong time: bad idea. The silk was far too thin and the bodice rippled and just didn't work well. Sigh, I took a photograph before ripping it:

I tell you this dress is doomed, I spent my free time sewing another bodice out of white cotton, this time with sleeves because I wanted to add a little something and the damn thing turned out too small -I suspect that it shrinked when I washed it even though I had steamed it beforehand :( I'm going to rip this one too and leave the skirt to rest a little while, maybe I'll have an idea and finish it eventually. That's it, have a nice week people, see you!

5 commentaires:

  1. I love the two-toned look, your dresses have turned out lovely. What a shame about the bodice of the navy one...hopefully you'll find something that works out perfectly!

  2. Thank you, I loved my silk so much I'll certainly be sulking about the navy one for a few more days^^

  3. Gorgeous! I want to make something similar but with a black velvet skirt and black lace top... but I'm so poor at the moment and can't afford to buy any new fabric :(

    I'm sorry the silk one didn't work out. There is nothing sadder than a waste of silk.

  4. I love the two dresses, but I had not thought about before choosing a combo of fabrics in this way, this worked very well, Bravo!