samedi 24 septembre 2011

A trip down memory lane

Growing up in the nineties my favourite designers were those who mixed florals with polka dots, bold colours and abstract prints, the Lacroix, Scherrer and Ungaro.

I was fascinated by the glamourous, joyful and self confident persona the models projected in their dreamy dresses and super cute cocktail suits and had sworn that I too would wear these as soon as I had escaped the torments of adolescence and the dress code of local schools. So these days when I'm a grumpy ageing b***h and I sneer at the younger girls' addiction to clothes and accessories I remind myself that fashion helped me throughout my teenage years and that looking forward to seeing the next collections in the magazines was the only thing that got me out of bed many mornings!
All this to tell you that I've made yet another rectangle skirt, this time with a most amazing polysilk that wouldn't have clashed in my designers' défilés :)

And this fabric screams nineties so much that I heard Supertramp's You win, I lose the second I spotted it:

See you!

3 commentaires:

  1. Fantastic! I too was obsessed as a youngster... and also had the crazy idea that when I grew up I would dress in the magnificent, glamorous way as shown in fashion magazines. It didn't happen!

  2. Gabrielle you sew some rather amazing clothes from what I can see on your blog so you haven't really renounced your crazy dream :)

  3. Oh, yes! You have to chase dreams ... my dream to have a completely sewn by my wardrobe is being realized gradually. Well done! Your skirt is the starting point for such a fashion that was hidden in some corner of your mind. Let it out ... please!