dimanche 5 juin 2011

Me-Made-June Day five

Hello there, how are you? I've just had the best morning buying tons of good books as well as the Burda mag May issue (we're quite remote so we get everything with at least a month delay here) and the French crafts magazine "Fait Main" that happens to have the most adorable pair of pleated shorts I've seen in a looong time^^! As for today's garment, the fabric's so cute it set me in a good mood :) It's the same design as the fruity skirt I wore on the first day:

A better view of the low waist piece

Lovely feedsack repro fabric!!!

Just one thing for this version, I should have cut the waist piece cross grain as I did for the first one because it does make a difference: this skirt tends to go down a bit whereas the other one won't stretch even after I've worn it all day long. Well, lesson learned for the next one! See you!

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