mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Top and skirt

What an exciting title! I actually made these two garments a few weeks ago but I took pics today. Did you know that I got this amazing, all-option camera for Christmas but that it won't stand on its own like the old one and that as a consequence I'm back to using said old, half broken camera^^?

Anyway, let's start with the shirt: it's a 70's Style pattern already used and worn quite often, I had to make a few alterations what with my sway back and the fact that it wouldn't have sleeves, the fabric is sweet gingham and I love those crystal like buttons.

Now for the skirt, I had been wanting a bias skirt forever and I finally summoned all my courage to cut one out of that cute millefiori cotton fabric. I found the pattern in an old Japanese book, it was seriously easy to make and I hemmed the skirt 2 days after letting it hang. Still I had to do my hemming twice^^ but the result looks okay.

See you!

5 commentaires:

  1. That gingham blouse is so sweet. I love bias cut skirts. They sit so nicely.

  2. Pretty pieces. I love the look of the small gingham check shirt paired with a print skirt.

  3. Hi Chichil, I think I figured out I'm having some trouble with leaving comments under my Wordpress profile on Blogger, they don't get saved or something, or i'm doing it wrong- but yours isn't the only blog, I come back and don't see my comments - unless you've all deleted them! :) So.... What did I say? I still think that the gingham blouse is beyond adorable, and love the print on the skirt! And that I love to wear a bias-cut skirt, they feel the most feminine, flirtatious, fun!! :) And THIS time I post with GOOGLE profile so Blogger likes me!!