lundi 12 mars 2012

I got awarded!

Indeed I received a Versatile Blogger Award from the amazing Jeyco, OMG if you haven't checked her blog already you must go, she's beyond talented, the dresses and coordinates she makes are incredibly gorgeous! Thank you again for this award Jeyco!
Here are the rules for this award: add the VBA badge to the blog (since I have no idea how to do it I'll pass on this^^), list 7 facts about you and then give the award to 15 bloggers -don't forget to tell them.
So 7 very random things about me:
- my favourite flowers are peonies
- I love eating (no meat!) and drinking so I often need to go on a quick diet if I want to keep wearing the clothes I make :)
- I have never worked a steady job, I'm literally allergic to routine
- since I live in a small and remote place I love going abroad every year and seeing other cultures, landscapes and weather
- my favourite fabrics are cotton and rayon
- I don't watch much TV, only the news and the French version of the game Going for Gold
- I've been a Hello Kitty fan all my life!
Now I found 8 very interesting bloggers whom I haven't given any awards to yet, so there you go:
Sewing Through the Motions
Adventures in Adventuring
Carly makes stuff
House of Pinheiro
Invisible Flower
Is That Sew?
Petticoats and Peplums
See you!

4 commentaires:

  1. Thank you for nominating me! I love your blog too. I will have to do a post tonight.

    I don't watch much TV either. Maybe an hour here and there when I need to do some hand sewing.

  2. Thank you... I will check other blogs too xx

  3. Cotton and rayon are my favorite fabrics too! Good for warm climates. And thanks for the award! :D Now I need to think up my own seven things ...

  4. If you love to sew, then you deserve the award. Thank you for your sweet word, Cecili!
    Happy sewing :)