mardi 6 mars 2012

Navy Ceylon dress

Finally, my first Colette pattern! I waited for eons before buying it but in the end I couldn't resist this beauty with its low waist, full skirt, cute bust gathers and heart neckline and puffy little sleeves:

I waited notably because I knew I would have a lot of adjustements to make to have a decent garment but the good news is I'm seriously happy with how the dress turned out :)
So let's see how I got the best out of that Ceylon! First I don't have a classic, hourglass figure -I'm more of a bloc actually- and second my sway back problem is getting more and more visible therefore I needed to redraft the waist pieces. Indeed when I tried on my size 6 muslin 1) I looked awful and 2) there were lines running from the waist side to the front pulling the fabric in a most horrid manner. I cut both waist pieces in two along the waistline and lengthened them by 1cm before straightening the very curvy outer lines: these operations helped me with the "blocky" body problem. To accomodate my swayback issue I added an extra centimetre in the centre of the front piece while I removed one at the back, going back to the original back centre length:

These operations solved my main fitting problems but I still had some work to do:
- I shortened the back yoke piece by 2.5" to get rid of fabric bulking;
- I lowered the neckline by 5/8";
- I redrafted the shoulder yokes to make them a little smaller around the neck;
- I shortened the sleeve heads by 1".
Phew^^! Now here's the dress:

I LOVE it! Not only is it a flattering design but it's very comfortable, I used some navy bedsheet so it's light and soft, I didn't even complain when I had to sew the 16 buttonholes and their little heart shaped buttons:

And it helped me in my stash-busting mission since I used some polka dot remnant and old pinkish lace for the inside:

I won't sleep until I've made another one! Have a nice week, see you!

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  1. Gorgeous. Well worth the wait.

  2. This is a beautiful dress! Your alterations make it!

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! What a total stunner!!!! This is the nicest Ceylon I've ever seen. All those alterations were totally worth it. You really should make another now you have all the pieces cut to perfection. The inside stash busted details and the heart buttons make it so special! You deserve a gin! xxx

    1. Hihi Zoe make it two! I'm thinking of you with your craftaganza, I wish you the best for it!

  4. Oh wow! It was worth it because this dress fits you like a dream. And navy is so practical you'll be able to wear it heaps too! Win win :)

  5. This is delightful Cecili!!! The heart-shaped buttons, polka dot facings and lace are such lovely touches. And you clearly went to a lot of effort to get the fit spot on! Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Thank you so much ladies! I must say I'm really happy with my dress and can't stop smiling in a very silly way when I look at it^^

  7. The buttons, facings, hem, everything is so Kawaii!!
    Very nice work, Cecili :)

  8. So pretty! Nice work on all the fitting changes.

  9. Lovely dress, and the buttons are fabulous - what a great piece of work!

  10. Ah, so nice! Well done! I also love the look of this pattern but all the potential fitting issues scare me a little. I must add it to my 'to buy' list. You've done a great job with the fit and it looks really nice in navy too.

  11. (I think I lost another comment, if I repeat myself you know why :) )

    SOOOOOOOO Gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS!!!!! I have been intimidated to start on this one myself, I confess it! Yours is absolutely brilliant!!! The buttons are adorable too!

  12. Hello again Cecili,

    Do you know about Versatile Blogger Award? I was passed on the award and I have nominated your inspiring blog for the award. If you are interested in, please visit my blog to see the rules to follow. If not, no problem at all :)


  13. That's a very cute dress. Enjoy wearing that beauty.

  14. Oh, this looks so good on you! This style reminds me so much of a dress I owned about 20 years ago, still like the style.
    Thanks for your comment on my hibiscus dress (I deleted it by mistake instead of deleting the email alerting me to it - I think I'm still fuzzy in the head from my cold)