lundi 24 septembre 2012

My most favourite garment of all times

Well, what else do you call a design that you wear almost every single day? I have finally drafted a loose, kimono sleeved top that I find flattering enough so I've made it in all fabrics and lengths possible, tee, tunic and dress. I have a few pics of them but there are many more waiting to be photographed -if Tilly has another "One week one pattern" you know I'll be the first to sign up^^.

 Awwww from Takashimaya Shinjuku: tiny hippos on blue double gauze and pink glass button on a tiny pocket

 Dress length made with striped cotton, contrasting pockets

 It's LOVE: cloudy sky fabric from Nippori -can't remember if the shop is Zak Zak or Pop Girl

 Wild animals Liberty lawn from Takashimaya again with a mock button placket at the back

Peach crepe from a local shop, mock button placket at the back and incredibly coordinated vintage buttons -lucky me^^!

I have also made a few for friends and clients, I'll try and get pics of theirs because some are really cool if I dare say so^^. BTW glad to be back on this little blog, thank you for reading it!

4 commentaires:

  1. Aaaaw, these are all so lovely...I would wear every single one of these gladly Cecili!

  2. Wow! this does seem like a very versatile and useful pattern. And all your variations look beautiful. I'v been working on coming up with more everyday useful patterns as well, but I always get waylaid by exciting, difficult patterns that never get as much wear :)

  3. Oh! Welcome, dear friend! I'm happy to see you return to be here again, I can not decide which of these garments like me more than others, they all look beautiful and comfortable, it is not surprising that this is your favorite pattern