lundi 24 septembre 2012

Singapore and Japan 2012

Best.holidays.EVER! (Can't wait for next year^^)

 Marina Bay area -where the F1 race took place just yesterday:

Sentosa island is now accessible via this huge boardwalk complete with travelator and air conditioning^^

Of course I had to put my mug somewhere, those pop sculptures were super cute and fit perfectly with the fun atmosphere of the island.


Our huge Japanese style room - you put away the table and chairs and prepare your futon there when you want to go to sleep.

Kannon the very important goddess of compassion at the todai-ji in Nara

  The lady's touching this statue's knee because he's supposed to cure your ailments if you touch him where you hurt, unfortunately it was hard to reach his neck -my main aching area :(

natsu no semi

The new Skytree Tower in Asakusa

Also this is my life:

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  1. Coool! I just went to kyoto too a few months ago but never knew such a statute that cures aches. That looks a little scary, don't you think? hahaha~~

    1. Hey Jeyco, how are you? I agree the statue did look scary but I prentended I wasn't afraid^^