jeudi 4 juillet 2013

Hot basics

I sewed some leggings and a cardigan, hence the "basics" part. The leggings' pattern comes from an old Pochée magazine, I had to slightly grade it up but once this was done it came together in a few minutes! Of course there's only one inner seam for the legs, the waist is simply folded to the inside to encase an elastic and the legs' hem are folded too. I made a cropped version but the original pattern is longer and there's even a variation if you want to ruch the ankles.

Now for the cardigan it's from another old Japanese mag, actually it's a simple rectangle on the fold with two cut-outs to set the sleeves in:

Tracing, cutting, sewing and finishing took me less than one hour so if you want a quick, easy project may I suggest you try this one?
Oh and that leopard knit makes all that extremely hot imo^^

4 commentaires:

  1. They look more than basics in this leopard knit! They look like good pieces for mixing and matching, really lovely and practical too.

  2. Cute leggings and cardigan, I love quick projects. What Japanese mag were the patterns from?

    1. Thanks! The legging pattern comes from Pochée magazine n°6 and the cardigan from a magazine very aptly entitled "Sewing"^^ that stopped after only one issue in 2010.