mardi 18 février 2014

Black shorts of sobriety

Well there's not much to say regarding the style of my latest garment: it's a pair of basic black shorts but I'm so happy I made them because I know I'm going to wear them all the time! The denim version got worn to death, I actually had to handsew it back together the last time I travelled so obviously I needed new ones.
But the thing is there's a fly zipper and that's something I realllly dislike installing so I just pushed that project aside until a recent bout of sewing mojo where everything seemed possible^^. Also I had the perfect heavy twill in my stash and so voilà, my shorts:

 Worn with my favourite Uniqlo shirt, I WISH I could sew something that cool.

The instructions didn't say to sew the pleats down but I did on 2cm because the design is quite bouffant and I think this helped reduce the volume a little. Same thing with the loops, I added them because I love wearing belts:

And yes I'm living like a millionaire, using Liberty fabric for the pockets:

I think I may push my luck and sew another pair in striped or flowery cotton so that these ones get a little rest :)

2 commentaires:

  1. I like having funny fabric for the pockets. These are gorgeous shorts.

  2. Great idea, sewing the pleats down to reduce puffiness. These look really nice. I'm sure you'll get tons of wear out of them.