vendredi 12 septembre 2014

OWOP day five

That's my last Y for OWOP, I made it a few weeks ago using fabric I found in Spotlight but since I only had 1.2 yards -at first I wanted to make a top with it- I had to squeeze the pattern in there and cut the front on the fold whereas the back bodice has two pieces^^. The dress looks okay but I really thought I wouldn't be able to finish it!

That print is adorable!

I enjoyed this first OWOP but if I do it again I'll choose a pattern with which I have also made tops because in the end I didn't feel like wearing only dresses, even though they don't look alike :) so next time I'll try to make this challenge more versatile!

3 commentaires:

  1. Good job squeezing the pattern out of your fabric- it's always so satisfying:) I really like this dress :D xxx

  2. I love managing to squeeze a pattern from a piece of fabric, so rewarding! the dress is adorable! x