dimanche 7 septembre 2014

OWOP day one

For this challenge I had to choose between the three patterns that I have made the most: first my self-drafted loose top or dress, then the NHK book 60's style dress and finally the Stylish Dress Book Y dress. I went for the Y design simply because I dug out my white linen version a few weeks ago and it made me think of all the cool garments I sewed from this excellent pattern :)
As a quick reminder the Y dress originally looks like this, it's a high-waisted dress with gathered skirt, wide sleeves and contrast outer facings. I believe this type of design looks better on tiny frames so I altered it to fit my body, I added bust darts, lengthened the upper bodice and shortened the sleeves and I reduced the skirt's width to get rid of the gathers, also I didn't include the contrast panels in most of my versions.
So for day one, which was a busy one for me since I have four different lessons to teach in four different corners of the island, I wore a short, Liberty fabric version that is super comfortable and still looks cute IMO:

I made the necklace too :)

I'm sorry that the last photo looks so lame but there is so much wind at the moment that it's impossible for garments to stay still, hence the pregnant look :( Today I'm not working and I went hiking so I couldn't wear anything Y-related but tomorrow I'll be back with another variation!

7 commentaires:

  1. Lame? I love the last photo and the dress! Great choice of fabric, so pretty and summery and the necklace is lovely. xxx

  2. Wow I barely recognise this as dress Y. What a beautiful dress, it looks so light and easy to wear. I have made a few designs from this book and love them all.

    1. Thanks! I checked your Japanese makes and they're amazing!

  3. My goodness that is a perfect dress!!!! The fit is a-mazing. You look lovely, as always xxx

  4. Lovely dress and beautiful fabric. I truly enjoying seeing all your gorgeous dresses.