samedi 21 mars 2015

Wild thing

I hadn't sewed this particular 70's skirt pattern in a looong time but I had the perfect fabric for it, some heavy but flowy leopard print cotton from Japan and after a few hours I got this:

The pattern is simple and quick since you cut a center and a side piece four times each and the waistband is a rectangle folded in two. I added belt loops and hand sewed the zipper and the hem, which was made using some bias tape because I wanted to keep the skirt as long as possible:

Of course I adore my skirt and it's going to get a lot of wear because it goes well with simple tees as well as cropped tops :)

6 commentaires:

  1. Really lovely, this will go with so many things.

  2. Skirt turned out really nice, I love the length, the fit and the style. I am working on self drafting an A line skirt currently and for some reason, it's a lot harder to get the flattering fit than I thought. I am glad your skirt turned out, it looks like you will get a lot of wear out of it

  3. The skirt looks so great! I love the fabric and your style