samedi 4 avril 2015

Best summer dress - sleeveless!

I almost never wear sleeveless clothes because I find my arms very chubby but I think that at nearly 35 years old it's time I got rid of this complex -but I'm totally doing push-ups three times a day to try and limit the damage^^
I decided to start this wardrobe revolution with a trusted and beloved pattern, yes my favourite babydoll dress, so I simply deepened the armholes and neckline a little and got rid of the sleeves naturally :)
I had the perfect fabric for it, a 1 metre coupon of beautiful burnt orange linen that an adorable sales assistant from a local shop gave me because it had a tiny tear in a corner!!

To make this simple design a tad more interesting I added a mock tab with covered buttons on the bodice and I bound the armholes and neckline with self made bias.

Finally for once the pockets are made with the same fabric because any other one would have shown since the fabric is a little see-through!


I'm so much into orange these days, to think that I used to hate this colour and now I even want orange shoes and dream of orange hair:

4 commentaires:

  1. Orange is a bold colour, but you carry it off beautifully. The bias round the neck and arms is so neat. I dream of being a neat stitcher!

    1. Thanks a lot for your nice comment Louise, I actually have a hard time getting nice even stitches so I always baste to keep everything in place :)

  2. So beautiful! Something about orange gets me head over heels infatuated with it for short periods of time. I go through phases where I want nothing more than the brightest orange everything, and then I go for months and months wanting nothing to do with it. Funny how that goes.

    Your dress is completely wonderful and you look gorgeous in it!

    1. Thank you Elise, we're both orange sporadic lovers then^^