lundi 3 octobre 2016

I made a dress

I love broderie anglaise and I'd wanted a black broderie dress for a while but I knew I couldn't wear something fully lined here in Reunion, so I settled for a mixed fabric garment instead. I went for broderie ruffles with a plain poplin shell:

I bought the black broderie in Singapore because it was super cute and the quality was very good, and the poplin is from a local shop. I used an old Ottobre pattern that I slightly altered, I think the original dress had tucks instead of gathering and puff sleeves or something like that, and of course I added ruffles that I finished by encasing the raw hem in folded narrow bias tape:

I like my dress because it's really nice to wear, I have my broderie details and even though it's black I don't think I look overdressed in it, or do I^^?

15 commentaires:

  1. Wonderful! Great meld of the fabrics, and the anglaise is so pretty.

  2. It's so lovely! The frills makes it all the more quirky and cool.

    1. Thank you, I think you hit the nail with the word "quirky", that's exactly how I see the dress too :)

  3. I think your dress looks fab and definitely not too overdressed, the ruffle detail is gorgeous

  4. That's a beautiful dress! Love the broderie details, you did a splendid job!

  5. very pretty! and no, not over dressed.

  6. Non, pas du tout overdressed, mais très très jolie !!👏👏👏