lundi 31 octobre 2016

It's Halloween time!

As a quick update from my previous post please replace all occurences of "broderie anglaise" with "eyelet", how silly of me! Lol I remembered the correct word days later and yes I'm ashamed that I could forget it in the first place :) Anyway, today is the best day of the year aka Halloween, I'm eating chocolates, reading some True Singapore Ghost Stories and naturally I have made a little something to celebrate:

Complete with fluffy black cat tail!

So I recycled an old me-made top for this project, the band and pocket used to be blue and there wasn't any cute cat peeking! The original garment was so worn out (yellowed neckline, loosen seam lines...) because I loved it and wore it a lot that I was about to throw it away, so why not give it a nice final makeover before getting rid of it? I simply replaced the blue parts with black ones, drew a cat with fabric pencils (I copied it from the manga Plum, this character is called Princess and is beyond cute) and finished everything with orange fabric because Halloween:

Also, as usual I made a garment for my mum's birthday, this year it's a green crepe cotton dress with a me-made cross stitch detail:

Hope you have a great celebration too!

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