lundi 14 décembre 2009

Hot pink skirt

Presenting my hot pink skirt: the design is from an Ottobre magazine and I used blended shantung to make it. Blended as in with lots of polyester fibres that get in the way when sewing :( Next time I buy this kind of fabric I'm going to check carefully the wrong side because if I had done that I would have seen all the problems that ensued with this one. The fabric unravelled a lot, it had polyester black threads jutting out of the buttonholes, it wouldn't press well and gathering was really difficult! Fortunately the design is quite simple, it's a bit tulip-ish and the large waistband is very flattering. I handsewed the buttonholes and put vintage buttons. It was also one of my first linings, I often skip this step but it was necessary with such a fragile fabric.

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