jeudi 31 décembre 2009

New year's dress

So I usually not go out to celebrate the new year because it's not my cup of tea. This year however I wanted to make an effort for my brother but things happened and eventually I won't have to leave my den! I'm spending the evening with a glass of champagne or two and a brand new anthology of ghost stories. The party dress -which would have been more suited for Halloween given that it looks like a giant pumpkin- is therefore staying on the form^^.

And yes the back is hideous, I don't know why I opted for stretch satin with such a design. Happy new year!

4 commentaires:

  1. its great! i definitely do not think of a giant pumpkin when i see this! i love it alot.

  2. I think it looks awesome! Have you worn it yet? Is the pattern a variation of the Burda magazine 08/09 Paris dress? x

  3. Thank you :) No I've never worn it, it's so hot where I live it's still impossible to wear something made of thick satin! It's indeed a slight variation on the Parisian Burda dress. I'm thinking about your bird blouse again, I have this BWOF and I'm so tempted to make it!