mardi 26 janvier 2010

Emergency garment

First, it bugs me that I haven't posted in quite a long time but it seemed everything I sewed turned wrong :( I had a bad cold for a week too so maybe it didn't help but on the whole I was really unhappy with what I did during this period.
Anyway, at last I think I have something cute to show today! The reason behind today's top starts like this: if you read the short description on the top right corner you know I live in France. Actually it would be more accurate to say that I live in a French overseas department, a tropical island where it is currently Summer. And what a Summer! It's stiffling! So on Sunday I went to a picnic in the mountain and I got horribly sunburnt. I was wearing a teeshirt and shorts (I must show my linen shorts later, they too are too cute^^) so I got burnt on my neck, arms and legs. I had to sew something that wouldn't stick to my skin and that would cover the burnt areas. Hence this top:

The pattern is from this book but I made a number of changes: I put pleats and a little removable bow in the front, I reduced the width of the back, I lengthened the sleeves and put elastic bands in the wrist bias tape. The fabric is satin and therefore it's soft against my poor skin :D. I still had to wear a cotton scarf to protect my throat but the top really helped sooth my pain while I was in class!

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  1. That's a cute top, and looks terrific on you. Your skin looks red, even in the photos. I live on an island also, in Michigan USA. Here, it's winter, very cold and we are currently not able to leave the island (we take an automobile ferry) because the river is so iced over, it cannot cross.

  2. Thank you so much for your comments! Where in France do you live? I was able to visit there two years ago and I loved it! Your shirt looks fantastic! I hope your burns heal. It is suppose to snow where I live tomorrow and I wish I could see some sun!

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