mardi 12 janvier 2010


Hi there! I made a light pink crochet headband for a brunette friend I'm seeing on Friday. I had already tried before, using a crochet band to cover a plastic headband and the result was... horrible :D.
This time I think it turned out quite sweet, with the two simple flowers. I used tiny plastic loops to join the crocheted part with the bias-covered elastic band, I checked and the loops are so small you don't feel them behind your ears (which can be a sensitive zone!). The elastic feels comfortable too, I even wonder if it's not a little too long. Well, I'll ask my friend after she's worn it.

3 commentaires:

  1. Mignon! J'ai un desir pour cette couleur (rose de justaucorps)ces derniers temps.

  2. I'm THE brunette friend and I love this headband, not too long, ...just perfect ! ;-) Thanks !