lundi 4 janvier 2010

Chinese top and an update

First I want to thank Rüta for leaving the first comment ever on this blog, it made me so happy^^! Then I have quite a good deal of things to show you today, starting with this Chinese top I made a few weeks ago. With its off-white background and big blue flowers the fabric made me think of a china vase so I thought it was only fitting to use it to make a Chinese top! The construction wasn't difficult but I have a problem with the bust panel: the snaps open if I make an effort with my arm. That's why I did the Qipao with a back zipper and I think I'll use this variation everytime I sew this type of garment.

I also made a skirt and a dress for my mama using the new Japanese books I bought in Singapore. The skirt's fabric is a heavy, almost silky cotton plaid and for the dress I used plain lilac cotton. As usual with Japanese patterns everything went perfectly and it took only 1 day to make the two garments.

To finish with sewing news, yesterday I walked past a super old haberdasher's which had been closed for at least 15 years and it was open and had a clearance! I was so glad, can you believe I had actually dreamt of this event a few months ago^^? I'm definitely a sewing geek :p I bought vintage buttons and buckle belts.

2 commentaires:

  1. I would love to make a chinese style top, which pattern did you use? My goodness, coming across a shop clearance of vintage sewing notions is pretty high on my list of dreams! The buttons you bought are beautiful.

  2. Hi ! your qipao top is lovely :-)