lundi 15 février 2010

Super talented sewists

Today I'd like to tell you about a bunch of sewing prodigies that you may not know yet, simply because they're French! I've prepared links that will take you straight to these ladies' creations, have a look and I'm sure you'll be captivated^^
Let's start with the specialist of Japanese sewing, La Poule: she has a great sense of style -think Isabel Marant meets Claudie Pierlot with a touch of Agnès B.- and can alter basic Japanese patterns to fit her needs like no one else! She also knits, sews for kids and cooks, not to mention her handmade earrings :) Click here to see her sewing posts (only the clothes she makes for herself will appear, there are other categories on the left on her blog for the various specialties mentioned above).
Another favourite of mine is Hélène at Henri & Violette: her style leans towards retro and Art Nouveau with a very slight gothic vibe. She also sews mainly from Japanese patterns and makes incredible garments. Here you can see all the clothes she made for herself.
Anaik makes creations that follow the latest trends, she's a total fashionista and alters patterns (not to mention she drafts too!) to get avant-garde designers' touch: here are pics of her Fall-Winter 09 garments.
This doll makes -in my opinion- the youngest-looking outfits, her style is pop-inspired and cheerful. She knits and customizes stuff too.
Finally a quick link to this dress, I've discovered this blog only recently but let me tell you that I actually DREAMT of this dress! I love it!

2 commentaires:

  1. It was interesting to see some works, thanks for sharing. France is called the capital of fashion for a reason =)

  2. Ooh, thanks so much for the links to some incredibly talented and stylish seamstresses. If you unearth more, PLEASE do another post like this! I dislike how the online sewing community is so English-language centric, and I fear many talented people don't put their work out there for this reason, which is a disservice to them AND those who would love to see their creations and contributions. Sometimes I get comments, especially on Burdastyle, in Spanish (because my Hometown says Barcelona), which I think is lovely. Are you native French BTW? x