samedi 3 avril 2010

Giveaway -crazy fabric edition :)

Hello friends! Following the skirt dilemma and all your comments on how you actually liked the fabric I made a little something out of the remaining piece:

This bag is approximatively 11.5"x7.5", it's lined with the infamous blouse's polka dots, the handles are lined with very soft cotton webbing, it closes with scratch and there's a detachable and reversible bow on the front. As you can see you will also receive a simple handmade phone strap^^.

Back of the bag

I'm not using the random generator for this giveaway, if you want this bag just tell me why you should have it!
Edit: I forgot to tell you that you have until Wednesday 12 a.m. to leave your comment! I'll choose the winner on Thursday :)
It's Thursday already! I've decided to give the bag to Veronica Darling for her friend's little girl because I found the idea adorable^^. Thanks to everyone who commented!

10 commentaires:

  1. I love that fabric, I'm not afraid of a bright print and I really need a new bag for summer so if I won it you'd be giving me more time to sew summer clothes for my kids instead of taking the time to make myself a bag!!!

    ps I love the skirt and think you should wear it with pride, there are too many dull prints in the world and so few clothes with a sense of humour!

  2. Eek! That bag is adorable! ..I'm in need of a cute, quirky new bag and it appears that your giveaway has magical timing!

    I've been taking a peek at your fabulous creations for a little while now and you keep surprising me :) You're very talented!

  3. Gorgeous bag!!! I should have it so that I can give it to my little sister for her 30th birthday coming up on the 30th April. She loves quirky retro cute accessories and she just had a terrible week, with a chemical burn to the eyes and some awful medical procedures to follow. I adore her and she'd love this bag.
    Selena (from Australia!)

  4. I've taken a look at your blog and it is really inspiring, you make very beautiful things,
    the red skirt is lovely and very funny, take it with pride!
    I was thinking that this bag is ideal to take my needles and wool work on the bus, what do you think of the idea?

  5. Hi! It's gorgeous material and I would love this bag for my little new baby friend Ela, she could ask her mummy (she's only 3 months old of course, so she would blink at her mum!) to put her things in it, and then when she grew up, she would use it for her lunch at pre-school and then by the time she was a teenager, she would still have it, as it was her 'first bag'.

    Awwww, but look above me, give it to Selena and her sister!

  6. I love the skirt and definitely think you should wear it. I think i might need that fabric too..! Do you have any information that might help me to track some down? Fabric designer/company? Name? Possible shop? I don't think i can beat chemical burns to eyes to win the bag but i'd love to get my hands on some of that fabric!

  7. Way too late for the competition, but Dick Bruna fabric!!! Where did you find it? I'll happily make my own bag if it's still available to buy!

  8. Nathalie and E, I'm sorry but there's no company name on the fabric, the designer is indeed Dick Bruna even though it doesn't appear on the fabric either. I bought it in a shabby little shop in my town and unfortunately the seller doesn't sell on the internet :(

  9. And I've only just seen your skirt - wow, that is fab! You can totally pull it off and it looks fantastic! If your fabric supplier doesn't do the internet, maybe you should become a supplier through your etsy shop ;)

  10. Oh well, thanks for the info anyway Cecili. I'll keep my eyes peeled for Dick Bruna fabric!