mercredi 31 mars 2010

McCall 1947 test blouse

Hello! I won the pattern for this blouse a few weeks ago on ebay. This is McCall 6769, copyright 1947:

So beautiful, so graceful, I could totally see myself in view B! Except that I had forgotten the petty detail that my bodytype doesn't exactly resemble that of the women portrayed on the enveloppe... I had to do without the front and back darts. When I'm making it again (fortunately this time I used cheap fabric, more on that later) I'll add a little room at the hip and I'll redraft the yoke neckline a bit deeper because even this part is tight :(

Too tight so the back opens :(

I'm NOT choking, ok?!

So, the fabric is a cheap (in quality as well as price) polycotton with tiny black dots. I had to line it with the same type of fabric in plain white and that didn't help with the gatherings and pleats that look bulky. I put black piping to define the yoke and a little ribbon bow to try and spice things up because the result looked monacal to me. I should also remember not to use fusible interfacing for the yoke, it's too stiff.
I'll admit that despite all these flaws I'm not too disappointed in this blouse and I'm sure it'll show all its potential when I make it with better fabric and I follow the changes I've mentioned. If you have any other advice to improve this lil' number please tell me in the comments!

7 commentaires:

  1. Oh, I love your test blouse! The one I made similar to this, but from the 60s, also had the same dart/tuck problem. I thought it would help when tucking in the shirt to keep it even but it just looked funny. I think I'll pick my dart-tucks out as well.

  2. I think it's a cute top! I like the contrasting black and bow and the polka dots. Can't wait to see your second version of this top.

  3. This looks wonderful!!! I think its easy to become too critical of a creation after the hours and hours spent looking at it! It looks perfect I say!

  4. Thanks a lot ladies! Lisette make me a sailor skirt to go with the blouse, pleaaase^^

  5. Oh, cute blouse! Very feminine. I think it's a great test blouse, and would wear it, definitely.

  6. That is so cute! I should look for cute vintage top patterns and do something like this...