lundi 30 août 2010

The girly week: day 1

Hello friends, how's everyone? Over the weekend I was discussing with my boyfriend and he was complaining that even though I've sewn lots of dresses and skirts I'm always in jeans. We took a bet that I would try and wear only said dresses/skirts for a week-if I fail I can't eat ice cream anymore :( So bear with me through this trying week in which you'll see the come back of many an already posted garment and let's start immediately with the Dior knock-off skirt worn here with a simple white tee and my beloved leopard platform shoes:

I also wanted to show you a skirt I made for my mama, I found the pattern in this book. As I used heavy linen I was worried the gathers would look bulky but it turned out ok and now I want one :)

This lining is too cute!

See you tomorrow with a new girly outfit!

5 commentaires:

  1. The skirt for your mama is so cute! And love your shoes :-)

  2. That's a lovely skirt and beautiful lining indeed! Goodluck with your challenge. You will have to succeed ofcourse, because I can imagine eating no icecream anymore is just not an option :-D

  3. Thank you Karin! The pressure of this challenge is unbelievable indeed^^