samedi 28 août 2010

Port Elizabeth top

Hello! As I was left with a remnant of navy cotton from the magic McCall dress I decided to use it to try the increasingly popular Port Elizabeth top designed by the talented Sarah and that you can download for free at Burdastyle. I made a size 12 and only changed a few details: I took in about 1" down each side to make it a little less flared, I lengthened the bodice (+ 3") and finished the neckline with folded bias so as not to have too wide an opening -the next one I make I'm going to raise the neckline by 3/4". I have quite a lot of loud printed fabrics and was trying to find a simple top to showcase them, I think I've found a winner! What's more you don't need much fabric and there are so many variations you can make! I love Camelia and Crinoline's back buttoned version, but you can also add a front placket, a peter pan collar, make the sleeves longer or gather the neckline... I think you'll see a lot of these tops in the upcoming weeks :) Have a nice weekend, see you!

5 commentaires:

  1. Very cute.

    And -- I love love love the blue Mccall dress. The fit is perfect, and it is a perfect mix of vintage and modern. You look gorgeous in it.

  2. Thank you Rachel! I'm already working on the next version of the dress :)

  3. This looks great on you! Such a good fit and great colour. You beat me to the adaptation ideas! I was thinking of posting on my blog about how to adapt the pattern- do you think I should? Thanks for using the pattern and posting about it. I look forward to seeing the 'loud' versions!

  4. Thank you! Alexandra I've only recently discovered your blog and I love your creations!