jeudi 9 juin 2011

Me-Made-June Days eight and nine

Hiya! I didn't take pics of my outfit yesterday but I wore this already much blogged Japanese top:

It's design V from the first Stylish Dress Book, made of chambray. And today I wore the umpteenth version of the May 2010 Burda top:

Except that this one was made using a most amazing cotton bought in Japan and hoarded with love and devotion^^ Look how pretty:

See you!

3 commentaires:

  1. Oh, that fabric is to die for! I defiantly need to expand my fabric sourcing horizons! very inspirational.

  2. Hope you are doing fine, Cecili. I am working on the shirts just like your sky blue shirts in this post! It's fun to try something new:)
    How is your sewing life going?

  3. wow I love that fabric! Everyone I know who has been to Japan has bought fabric and is still yet to use it, so I'm glad you're showing it off :)