lundi 6 juin 2011

Me-Made-June Day six

Hello! Today I wore a mustard top from a Japanese book (surprising, I know^^) and this evening I went out and wore... my wedding dress!!! Lol yes I'm that grown a** woman who wears a white eyelet christening gown to down a few beers at the bar, embarassing! I actually felt comfortable AND more importantly it matched my Calais bag :)

Yes I cut the pic because MY FACE!

The briiiiiiide

The dress was made using a 70's pattern which is quickly turning into one of my favourites, I only lined the high waist piece and the skirt and I added a little modesty panel on the front. That's it for today, see you!

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  1. Looks great on you! Mmmmmm that's a fab idea.....might use it!