lundi 18 mars 2013

I don't like daisies

It's true! I adore them: I put some on my garments, I buy fabrics printed with them, naturally I grow some in my garden and the faithful teddy bear from my "childhood" -okay I still had it when I moved out at 24- was called Marguerite which is French for Daisy.
And you know what? I'm obsessed with daisy earrings! Since I can't have my ears pierced because there are always complications I got used to making my own clip-ons. That made for some truly awful jewellery when all I had to work with in my extremely remote island was my mama's 80s costume stuff but then, thanks heaven, Etsy and its endless supply of cabochons arrived :)

Above is my latest realisation totally copied from some vintage designs I saw on the net, I made 2 circles out of some plastic packaging and glued the tiny flowers over them so obviously I can't guarantee how long they're going to last^^

These ones were much simpler, I just glued them to the clip-on settings, the white pair was my first, then I couldn't live without the blue ones, I wore the pink ones almost everyday for 2 weeks when I made them and finally the purple ones were bought on a whim but I quite like them anyway.

 The whole family!

This is the little pouch I made to stock them, the cute embroidery detail comes from a Japanese book.
Also did I tell you that chrysanthemums were actually my absolute favourite flower?...

2 commentaires:

  1. Your earrings are so cute and I bet they will last and last.

  2. They're so cute. I never wear earrings and I think the holes in my ears have probably closed over but you're lovely clip ons are making me rethink.