mardi 19 mars 2013

New Japanese blouse

OMG this top has totally messed with my feelings^^! First I had ups and downs with the fabric, a small piece of quilting cotton that I managed to grab during the shop's sales and that should be just my type since it has navy and dark red tiny dots on an ecru background -I've recently noticed that my wardrobe is filled with navy garments or navy with red or white details. I say should because once worn it made me look washed out, I got all sad thinking that I had wasted it and finally I trimmed a bit the top's design and added deep blue buttons and it seemingly solved the unflattering colour issue -I also put loads of BB cream to try and look less like a ghost but this is another story.
Then the PATTERN! I found it in this book:

Sorry I meant this one:

On the paper it looked beyond cute and cool:

But as I tried it on while I was making it, it felt a bit granny-ish. So I went for the smaller size and still had to reduce the pieces' width, changed the back from gathers to a pleat and strangely the detail that made the most noticeable difference was how I positionned the first button: I put it lower than required and suddenly the blouse looked much more contemporary :)

And these poor shorts need a rest.

Of course now I'm in love with my top and I want plenty others, I want one in light chambray, one in tiny black gingham, one in my still untouched crazy kitty fabric, one in DOTS etc.

4 commentaires:

  1. Very pretty print and pattern pairing! The top looks very cool and easy to wear.

  2. Your blouse does suit you really well! The photos with your cat are funny!