mardi 18 mars 2014

A cute, surprise Macaron

Seriously that dress happened out of nowhere, 1.5 yard of adorable quilting cotton were waiting in my stash since last year and even though I loved it I couldn't decide on a suitable use for it: was I going to make my usual top, a babydoll nightie or a Japanese mini dress with it?

Using it to make something to wear to bed seemed like a waste, a top would be sure to get a lot of wear but the fabric felt a bit too heavy for a loose shape so a dress was definitely the best option. But here again I had to choose a pattern with enough definition and that didn't require a lot of fabric since I didn't have much.
So one evening I was browsing through pics of Dora when she was a baby -OMG she was the cutest kitten evah- when I saw this:

My sweet Lolita Macarooooon (and my froggy feet)!!! I had totally forgotten about it but now I wanted to make one immediately! I grabbed the quilting cotton, some white poplin, I traced a size 4 because I thought it would help solving silly fitting issues I had had with the previous size 6 ones and tadaaa:

 I could have worked on my swayback problem but with the curves seams I wasn't sure what to do.

 Such a nice dress you even get a useless side shot!

This garment has everything I love: childish fabric, yellow and pastel colours, a tiny bust with a heart-shaped detail and a flattering, comfortable skirt. And look at that side seam matching:

Should I worry that I want to make at least 3 other ones? I also feel like trying a variation with a maxi skirt out of some amazing rayon.

5 commentaires:

  1. This is an adorable dress. Such a great way to showcase the fabric.

  2. I love how cute your fabric is and you've shown it off well with your choice of pattern. Really nice!

  3. I love this one! It must be fun to wear.