lundi 25 août 2014

Cami dress number two

This pattern is so cute and easy, I can't get enough, even though it's from vintage inspiration it definitely has a junior vibe that I love! Remember I bought the pdf here :)
I made my second version of it with some awesome Japanese cotton I found in Nippori a few years ago, I'm glad I waited to use it because that sweet Cami dress was the perfect project for it:

I wanted to make the 3/4 length sleeves version so much but I went with the short sleeves again because our (very warm) winter is already over and morning temperatures are back to 28° so the less fabric the better!
Aww I'm in love with that print:

And I had clear orange buttons from Daiso in my stash that go super well with it:

I put the dreaded side zipper and it's not too horrible:

Since there are so many colours in the print I used two remnants of bias tape to finish the sleeves, turquoise on the right and baby pink on the left and I had just the right length of vintage lace for the skirt's hem:

Now I wonder how long it will take before I make another one^^

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