dimanche 8 février 2015

Year of the Ram part 1

There's some sewing at the end of this post but first I'm going to ramble on my passion of Asian folklore so just scroll down if you're not into that!
I love celebrating the Chinese new year, it's such a happy and special time, you can decorate the house with adorable animal images, eat delicious mooncakes and thanks to the astrological predictions you even get to know what the year has in store for you ;) As a bonus I've just come back from Singapore where the whole city was prepped up for the occasion:

I visited Gardens by the Bay and the theme was Chinese signs and dahlia, the flower associated with the Ram:

I learnt that as a Monkey my flower is the chrysanthemum, so excellent because I adore them!

The whole outfit except for the shawl is me-made btw

If the year's animal is good for me^^ I make a little something in honour of it and since the Ram is supposed to be quite my buddy I sewed a top which I have yet to finish (I never have the correct zipper in my stash) and in the meantime here's a cute little necklace I made using hama beads:

The crop top is from a Female magazine pattern, I love it to death, more on this later!

I found the pattern on the internet and thought that white would be too classic so I used the same pink as the chrisanthemums in the pic above :) The chain is long enough to be pulled over so this necklace was really quick and easy to make!

4 commentaires:

  1. really cute crop top, it looks so stylish with the necklace, which is also very cool!! I am glad you chose the pink for the ram's body - it makes it more special. Thanks for sharing your pictures from Singapore! It sure looks very festive there:-)

    1. Thank you, I'm so glad you like the top and the sheep necklace! I thought that maybe pink would be a little too much for it but I just cannot resist this colour^^

  2. I love the top and the necklace! I like your philosophy on making something special in honour of a good year. I'm a ram so what a great excuse to make something! Isn't Singapore great?

    1. Thank you Kate, I wish you a very happy Ram year :) You should definitely make something to celebrate, I mean who doesn't like a cute sheep in their wardrobe/ accessories! I LOVE Singapore, people are so friendly and there are many things to see and do in such a small place.