dimanche 14 mars 2010

Little Red Hen

Hello friends! I hope everyone's having a nice weekend, as pleasant as mine :) Indeed I was able to complete a sewing project of the kind I really like: a Japanese frankestein !
I had been longing for short overalls for a long time but could never really decide on a design or fabric. Well, after I saw hers I knew: I'd use the pattern of my Female magazine black and red check shirt with that of a pair of shorts I made from another Japanese book. The two patterns almost matched perfectly so I simply joined them below the waistline, shortened the sleeves and added four loops for the belt.

I'm a hunchback!!!

The fabric is a light crepe I bought 2 years ago (stash busting), the background is red with white polka dots and the print is adorable with mauve, blue, white and tan flowers. I think it looks a little like Depression print, doesn't it?

The shirt part has hidden snaps at the front, I'd love to find white plastic roses or camelias buttons to decorate the placket. I spotted some cute ones on etsy and will probably order them soon.
By now I'm sure you understand the title of this post^^: the seamstress who inspired me for the overalls is la Poule (the Hen in English), of course red is the colour I chose and little because I'm only a beginner who copied one of her sewing idols! See you, have a nice week!

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