samedi 20 mars 2010

Vintage finds and an update

I got very lucky this week! I was browsing through old boxes stored at my mum's place and look what I found:

The first ones are black snake skin loafers she bought when we went to Singapore for the first time in 1989. They are as good as new, unbelievable, and so comfortable! I wore them yesterday with my red overalls and they're my new favourite shoes :)
The second pair are mock crocodile loafers dating back to the 1990's, I remember receiving them when I was in high school. I never wore them because back then the only shoes I loved were atrocious platform shoes straight out of a Spice Girls' video, I wouldn't have been caught dead in flats!
The last ones are not too old, probably from 2004 or 2005; my mum ordered them from a French catalogue and she could never really wear them because they hurt her feet. I tried them, they're still a bit stiff at the back but I think I'll keep them -a dab of relaxing product will do.
I also found brown snake skin pumps, also certified S'pore 1989, they're so cute and in perfect condition!

I'm back to having more freetime so I started to sew a 1940's dress (view 2):

And finally I made another chocolate box pendant^^:

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