mardi 16 mars 2010

My silly lil necklace

Hi there! I have plenty of sewing ideas, my fabric and notion stashes have been sorted and are ready, however I have a little more work than usual this week and so I don't really have time to sew. So of course -and I'm sure some fellow crafters will understand^^- if I'm not sewing I HAVE to make something else to compensate, hence this necklace of the day:

Actually it's just a pendant which I put on my usual (and only!) chain. I guess you can call it an upcycle project since I used the tiny picture on an old box of chocolates to make it, the setting and magnifying glass come both from etsy and I tied a black cotton ribbon to give it extra cuteness. Still it's a silly necklace, just like the little character depicted :) and I love it!

4 commentaires:

  1. Wow! That looks so good, I can't believe you just made that, I am so hopeless at DIY. I found your blog quite recently, I love it!!
    Carys from