lundi 10 mai 2010

10/05 outfit

Hello friends! Today I wore a top I made 2 years ago, it's design H from the Stylish Dress Book. The fabric is a good quality, light blue polycotton and it's one of the garments I wear the most -I even forgot to take a picture of it to include it in my wardrobe inventory because I was probably wearing it :) See you!

2 commentaires:

  1. Hi! I've been loving all your MMM outfits! I would like to present to you this award: as a token of my esteem!

    Zoe x

  2. You are making a lot of tops! I rarely make them.. don't know why - probably because I prefer jersey tops, but don't like sewing that fabric.
    I like that top and the whole outfit, belt looks great here.